• Click on Account tab, then select Edit Friends
  • Click on your friend lists.
  • And then click on the X icon.
  • Approve cancel request
  • The person won't see it and you won't have to fret about how dumb it was for you to add them.


  • Remember that while a person is blocked, they cannot interact with you through any Facebook channels. If you decide you'd rather wait until the friend requests you, you should unblock them as soon as possible.
  • If the person is online while you do this, they may have already seen the request. There's nothing you can do at that point, unless you have the power to modify memory.
  • Alternatively, if the person sees your request before you have a chance to cancel it, you should still block him or her. Depending on how facebook-savvy the person is, you should be able to convince him or her that they only imagined the request, or that it was some odd thing that happened by accident.
  • If the person receives email notifications, they will see your friend request. This is why it's important to block the person as soon as possible, before Facebook can send them an email.
  • Good luck and choose wisely next time!
  • Don't remove all your friends


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